Chimney Builds

Chimney re build and re roof in Radstock

Chimney re build in Cheddar

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Latchem Roofing LTD undertake the task of taking down unstable chimneys and re building them back to there former glory. Photo's taken before and after will insure your chimney is rebuilt and looking exacty as it should.

We have rebuilt chimneys in Radstock, Frome, Cheddar and surrounding villages.

Now that the work has been completed, just a note of thanks to you and your team for your efforts in re roofing my house.
Whilst it was a great pity that the decision to start work co-incided with acomplete change in the weather, the way that your staff worked to overcome these problems was truly exemplary.
Considering you had two chimneys to remove and thre to rebuild, I was deeply impressed by the attention to detail that your mason showed.
I was able to chart their progress every day and was delighted to witness their desire to replicate the original construction exactly, such as the use of additives to the mortar to match the original lime and frequent use of levels to esure that each stone was laid exactly as it should.
This was also reflected in how well the individual tiles were laid, and the end result is so much better than what was originally in place.
Thank you again for all your efforts which are really appreciated.
C Weigold - Cheddar