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Reclaimed slate roof Holcombe Manor Nr Frome

Welcome to Latchems Roofing FAQ's

Q. How much does it cost
A. This varies on the size of your roof and the coverings

Q. Can I change my tile type
A. Yes you can but with careful consideration

Q. Do I need planning permission
A. Not in most cases

Q. Do you do repairs
A. Yes I carry out small repairs to large repairs

Q. Can you get reclaimed tiles
A. Yes I can source good quality reclaimed tiles both clay and concrete

Q. Do you do lead work
A. Yes I carry out all lead works. Lead flat roofs, gutters flashings, valleys.

Q. Can I re use my old tiles
A. Yes you can if in sound condition. Free advise will be given when surveying your roof

Q. Can you do Listed Buildings
A. Yes LATCHEMíS ROOFING specialises in Listed Buildings.

Q. Do you take down and rebuild chimney stacks
A. Yes we do

Q. Do you do PVCu Fascias and guttering
A. Yes we do

Q. Do you do industrial asbestos sheeting
A. No we donít (sorry)

Q. Do you have insurance
A. Yes Full Public Liability And Employers Liability