Bradstone Roofing

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Cotswold roofing slates are suitable for roofs to a minimum pitch of 30. The wide variety of sizes enables the slates to be laid in a simple range of diminishing courses and random widths, giving the roof a natural stone appearance whilst reducing erection and timber costs. Slates are twice-holed to facilitate nailing where appropriate and offer a nib to ensure speed of laying. Bradstone Cotswold roofing consists of main slates, under ridge and eaves slates, with matching accessories including ridge and hip units.

Product Features
Authentic appearance of traditional stone
Slates nibbed for ease of fixing
Reduced erection and timber costs
Readily available roofing material
Quantities predetermined by our estimating service
No sorting or redressing on site required
Simple to lay to batten detail provided
High quality durable roofing material
Accepted in appropriate areas of outstanding natural beauty.